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Cardiac Rehab Support West Sussex - The Charity

Cardiac Rehab Support West Sussex (CRSWS) was registered as a charity on 6th December 2013 (Registration number 1154903) and was 

setup by a group of former patients and their carers to support the work of the Cardiac Rehab Department at Western Sussex Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. CRSWS is a small charity, heavily reliant for its funding on donations and fundraising events.


We put such gifts to good use by funding a grant programme – including funding NHS staff wishing to attend specialist training courses which are generally outside the scope of those provided by the NHS. We also promote a range of local exercise classes, as well as supporting individuals and organisations working to help and advise cardiac patients and their families / carers.


Our other work ensures that up-to-date leaflets are freely available for cardiac patients in the area. Through our grants and awards, we hope to make a real difference to cardiac patients in West Sussex. Anyone can suffer a cardiac arrest, and it can happen anywhere. But the timely application of an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) can dramatically improve a patient’s survival chances by getting the heart going again until the ambulance arrives. Unfortunately, not all public venues have access to defibrillators, and CRSWS wants to do something about this.

In 2019 we were able to supply an AED – normally costing around £1000 each - to Littlehampton Health Centre and hope to continue providing these vital pieces of equipment where they are needed in the community.

CRSWS Trustees are the people who are responsible for the general control and management of the administration of the charity.  There are currently 6 Trustees who meet quarterly.

The Trustees


Lesley Czajkowski

Data Controller (GDPR)

Tim Everett

Steve Hodder

Current chair (2023)

Geoff Taylor

The trustees have regular meetings as per our constitution.

If you wish to view or download the minutes of our meetings, please click below.

Getting involved

CRSWS is your local voluntary organisation working with Western Sussex Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust for cardiac patients and their carers. The charity offers financial support to organisations and individuals tackling heart disease in the area.



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