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For patients or carers to discuss your

clinical concerns, rehab classes, hospital appointments, call 01273 446019


Cardiac Rehabilitation is designed to help you recover from your heart condition by giving information, advice and reassurance.

CRSWS works in partnership with and raises money for the NHS Cardiac Rehabilitation team at Worthing and Southlands Hospitals, part of University Hospitals Sussex NHS Foundations Trust.

The NHS Cardiac Rehabilitation Team may see patients on the ward, in clinic, in exercise classes or information sessions run by the team. Team members can answer a variety of common queries and questions from cardiac patients. Information sessions are held every 2–3 weeks at Worthing Leisure Centre to help you gain a valuable insight into your condition in a friendly, non-clinical environment.


If you have any worries or queries about your recovery, pills or symptoms you can call 01273 446019 to speak to the team. If you are referred to the rehabilitation programme, we will initially see you in clinic and will discuss the option of weekly exercise classes for up to 8 weeks, to help build confidence and ensure you are working at the right level for you.


To continue with your recovery, after you have completed your rehab programme with the NHS Cardiac Rehab Team, there are a number of community exercise classes setup for patients and carers run by cardiac trained exercise instructors.


Your Cardiac team will be able to give you information when you have finished your programme.


Alternatively, there are a number of private and local authority owned gyms that may have cardiac trained instructors in our area. If you would prefer to join a gym, then we suggest you initially discuss this with a member of the team who can advise you how best to do this.

For more information, please have a look at our website at

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