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For patients or carers to talk to a Buddy leave a message on

01903 550084 and a Buddy will call you back



Whether you have been on a ward, completed a cardiac rehab programme or attended one of the Education information sessions, you will have probably met one of the Buddies.

The Buddies are NHS trained volunteers and can be spotted by their light blue polo shirts


CRSWS support the Buddies by paying for their distinctive polo shirts and contributing to the cost of their training.  We also  fund the Buddy telephone line.

All Buddies have completed the NHS cardiac rehab programme, most having been diagnosed with a heart condition and are registered as hospital volunteers to work alongside the NHS rehab team. There are also some Carer Buddies who can share experiences of what it is like to care for a person with a heart condition. Buddies have first hand knowledge of what you are going through and can offer practical advice and support


 Buddies are  available


  • On the wards at Worthing hospital

  • For a private chat at the Education sessions.

  • At the NHS Cardiac Rehab team exercise classes

  • By telephoning the Buddy helpline (01903 550084) 


Please note that the Buddy helpline is not manned and you will be asked to leave a message.  Please do leave a message with details of your cardiac condition.  This way, we can ensure the most appropriate Buddy can call you back.

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